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Hydraulic systems and Power packs

Hydraulic systems and power packs are not only used in large series as is typically the case with construction machinery or in industry. Thanks to their reliable and durable technology, they are also used in individual projects to control powerful forces.

Hydraulic turbine controller

Hydraulic controller for Francis turbines with redundant and easy-to-replace pump units. 

Hydraulic powerpack for water catchment

The hydraulic powerpack for water catchment controls inlet and outlet gates.

Hydraulic powerpack for controlling water supply

The hydraulic powerpack controls the inlet and bottom outlet gates of a river power station.

Explosion safe powerpack for use under and over water

The hydraulic powerpack controls the safe decoupling of the buoy of an FPSO Unit (Floating Production Storage and Offloading Unit), i.e. a floating oil platform.

Hydraulic powerpack for controlling butterfly valves

The hydraulic powerpack for controlling butterfly valves is mounted on a 160 l tank and a stainless collecting tray. The tank and the oil collecting tray are painted in the colours specified by the customer.